"Presidential History"

This GPS Event was held on the 7th of July 2001. There were 11 participants. The key to the event was to find specific clues on a flagpole found by using GPS coordinates. There were 43 flagpoles in Ridgecrest of which 27 were used for this event. Each participant had photos of Presidents with a number and needed to identify who it was and answer questions specific about that President. Afterwards there was a Barbecue at Bob Gould's house with the awarding of the 1st prize of an American Flag that had flown over the U. S. Capitol, complete with certification. It went to Joan Parker! Tied for 2nd place was Nevan Hill and Ron Bolyard. 1st Place in the " team event" were Shelly Hill and Donna Hocker (vs their husbands!). Congratulations to all!

Bob would like to express the fact that if anyone would like one of the Flags like the one given for 1st Prize, they can be ordered through Congressman Thomas for a very reasonable price of $14.70!

Event report by: Cynthia


GPS: Don't leave home without it!


The Event coordinators were: Bob Gould and Jack Thompson

Thanks guys, it was a great event!


  Sponsored by: The China Lake Rotary Club