The 2nd Annual Mid-Summer Night's Scream…

It was held Friday night, September 14th, 10 PM. The starting location was the North side of Denny's, in the parking lot.

This event went very well. We want to thank all who attended specially Robin and her friend and Ray Hocker and several of his people for attending the event and hope they had a great time.

The event ended up east of town at the Old location of the Corral Bar which was demolished several years ago. There was a campfire as the center location of several other way points located at various distances and directions which were marked with glow sticks in cans.

During the event the Valley floor looked like it had lots of FireFlies everywhere from our flashlights!

The event lasted to about 1:30AM. Many attended Denny's for Breakfast and swap stories about the event.

Robin and her friend did the last one and seem to take a liking to the stuff…

IWV GPS Trekker reporter: Jack Thompson

Mr. Sam Thompson was the coordinator. This was the second year for the Mid-Summer Night's Scream. It was enjoyed by all, GPS novices as well as the advanced GPS Trekker.

Thanks for all your effort Sam!

Sam Thompson at: or by phone at (760) 446-6646

" You can Scream all you want during this event….there may be no one to hear you! "


  Sponsored by: The China Lake Rotary Club