January 12 2004

Report by:Cynthia Damiano

The Next GPS Meeting:

   Sorry, we haven't had any events or meetings for a while...everyone had conflicts with time, work and health matters...we do still support rally events such as the Ramada Express International Rally and Jaos Adventure Rally (a GPS event) in Laughlin, NV that takes place in December 2003, www.rallyusa.com and the Rim Of The World Rally in Palmdale, CA in May 2004, the new fairgrounds is the new staging area and the Angeles Crest is where the majority of the stages are run www.rimoftheworldrally.com

  Thanks for your interest and see the site, www.geocaching.com for a really fun way to get to know your GPS!! They have lots of information about use and neat 'treasure-hunting' for the whole family to get involved in...kids are the best GPSers!!!

  We have discussed putting together more events in the future, so be assured that we will contact you when we put our next event on.

Cynthia Damiano reporting J

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